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Tricked Out Skin

I hate to tell you this February, no offense, but you are a horrendous month. You are dark and gloomy and unnecessarily cold. You are the reason we flee to Tulum. To Palm Springs—to a light therapy lamp. And when we survive you, not only is our spirit worse for the wear but so is our skin. But I found with my new favorite product–Sunday Riley’s Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil–you can quite possibly trick your skin into thinking it actually went to Tulum.

I find that layering face products in winter is a really good tactic for cohercing skin to glow . After washing my face, I hit it hard with a medical grade anti-aging formula (currently I’m doing a combination of hydroquinone, tretionoin, hydrocortisone and kojic acid, to even out skin tone and reduce fine lines). But then, I press the Juno face oil on top of my skin and it seems to seal it all in a dewy (not greasy) topcoat. The added bonus? No bikini required.

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