"Society Swan"

Lauren Santo Domingo

claim to musedom:
Co-founder and Creative Director: Moda Operandi, Contributing Editor: Vogue

She has dubbed her particular shade of blond "society blond." She claims all you need to recover from jet lag is a bold, red lip and an equally strong latte. She channels a bit of the past--loafers and debutante looks, but is also fully of the moment. She is LSD--an opiate the fashion tribe trips on.
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Style:Society Swan

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get more Greenwich, CT. than LSD. And this isn’t even a judgment call, she really is from Greenwich. But, instead of falling into a Stepford Wife prototype, she appropriates preppy, owns it and then turns it ever so slightly on its head. The girl gets props.

source: markdsikes.com

source: markdsikes.com


The Alchemy:

Attitude is everything. Typically, denim doesn’t scream high luxury. But, somehow, LSD makes jean on jean action seem downright chic. And this, I believe, is where attitude makes all the difference. LSD can get away with a Texas tuxedo when she couples it with an edgy gold choker, heels and confidence. A jean skirt and a braided belt and a button down shirt? This could spell trouble for a lesser woman but again, LSD makes it look aspirational.

source: Brandie Raasch

source: Brandie Raasch


source: markdsikes.com

source: markdsikes.com


What This Look Says to the World:

I’m well-educated, I’m well-traveled, I’m well-read, and oh yes, I am married to a billionaire.


Lauren Santo domingo instagram

source: The LSD via instagram



Go low Maintanace

LSD never gets manicures because she feels they look contrived.
There is something rad about keeping nails natural when everything else is so meticulous.