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Got Mylk?


My morning ritual involves the process of making super strong, super rich coffee that has the power to move mountains—or at least stand up to the heavy amount of milk I put in it. I’m a deft barista if I do say so myself.

So imagine my own surprise when I woke up this morning craving a rather limp early grey tea! No, it has nothing to do with hormones, or cleanses or seasonal changes…it’s the discovery of the most intoxicating almond milk (oh, excuse me: almond MYLK) I’ve ever tasted. Sunday, at the Pacific Palisades Farmer’s Market, I innocently walked past the Almond Mylk LA stand.

“Would you like to try a sample of our pure, raw, organic almond mylk?” the Mylk Maiden purred to me, not like a saleswoman, but like a goddess of all things righteous.

“Listen, lady, I’ve heard it before and I’m totally cool with my Trader Joe’s almond milk…. carrageenans and all,” I said in my head.

“No, thank you,” I sweetly replied.

“How about our Lavender flavored one, it’s almost sold out,” she insisted.

Well, that’s all she had to say. I’m a sucker for anything “almost sold out.”

I went in for the bait and came out with three bottles of the stuff. I can honestly say pouring this lavender nectar of the gods into a cup of hot earl grey tea can instantly transport you to the hills of Provence. No, it doesn’t even say that anywhere on the bottle, I’m actually saying this for real.

It’s that good. Enough said.


**For Angelenos who can’t make it to the Palisades Farmer’s Market on Sunday, Good Eggs delivery service can bring it to your doorstep!



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