"The French Twist"

Carine Roitfeld

claim to musedom:
Former Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Muse to Tom Ford, Stylist, founder of CR Fashion Book

Carine Roitfeld has the whole I’m-a-Parisian-sexpot-look down to a science: stilettos to the heavens, pencil skirt, black eyeliner, and sultry bed head in the face. It works. She knows it. We know it. Voila. But what really interests me is the Carine seldom seen: How does the woman who made Gucci the erotic glam brand of the 90’s do off-duty? You can bet that it still oozes sex appeal and crowns her the only GILF (move over MILFS) on the planet.
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style: The French Twist

Beyond the edgy photos that Carine styles (think lots of skin, knives, raw meat) her personal style is actually surprisingly classic Parisian—yet slightly destroyed. It’s as if Catherine Deneuve went all Pattie Smith on us.

The Alchemy:

The secret to Carine’s style is that she knows her body and she’s firm with what she likes. It’s easy to shop when you understand what to eliminate. So, even when Carine goes casual (which is a rare moment), it doesn’t stray from her sensibility. Her over all trademarks stay in tact: black eyeliner, body con styles, hair uncombed and her men’s shirts unbuttoned low.


source:  Stockholm Street Style

source: Stockholm Street Style

source: I Want To Be A Roitfeld

source: I Want To Be A Roitfeld


source: Serge Azria

source: Serge Azria



A Few Rules Carine Lives and Dresses By:

1. Comfort is not part of the vocabulary

2. Don’t be part of the throw away culture, buy pieces you plan to keep forever and wear often.

3. Go through your closet every five years and eliminate pieces that no longer suit you.

4. Consistent style shows confidence.

5. Wear white shoes in winter

6. Makeup shouldn’t look too perfect


source: Lutz + Patmos

source: Lutz + Patmos






Dress in Monochromatic Outfits

Carine does all white, all black and rarely mixes colors. The added bonus is that it’s really hard to mess up!