About Constructing The Muse

I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to style. Unlike beauty, whose value is placed on perfect proportions, style transcends the surface. It’s about where we’ve been and who we are.

When I was a fresh-out-of college editor cutting my teeth at Conde Nast, I learned to navigate the sometimes-treacherous world of fashion by wearing Marc Jacobs like armor.

By the time I landed at my dream magazine, W, serving as a beauty editor, my fashion was no longer defensive but an inspired expression of  knowing myself more.

Constructing the Muse is a website devoted to the idea that iconic style is not elusive but can be honed and developed through concrete guidance. It’s about moving beyond trends, blocking out the noise and putting more of you into the equation. As any muse can tell you, style is not simply defined by the clothes alone but by the entire way you live your life.

We all have style—believe it. Sometimes it just needs to be charmed and coaxed out of hibernation.


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